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Welcome the the IF Products Pages.  We are carrying a variety of products for your custom vehicle needs.  Not all components are listed at this time so give us a call if you have some products you are looking for and haven't found.  

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Over the past 6 years, we have built and tested hundreds of vehicles.  During this time we have dragged, broken and abused many trucks and products.  These experiences have given us unique insight into what will and what will not work.  We offer all the product we install on customer and shop projects.  Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for.

(818) 837-3000

WE BUILD VEHICLES.  Many companies sell product, but do they actually install what they sell?  We see the problems with various products first hand.  Anything we sell has seen plenty of road time on our customer or personal vehicles.  If you have questions about product, just call us.  We can assist with technical problems over the phone.  If you want to see our showroom or shop, stop by and experience customizing without having to turn on your TV. 

Tork Valves are manufactured in Turkey to their specs. They are designed to give you reliable performance at an affordable price. The valves have been extensively tested by us on many of our current  and past projects.

The Oasis HP1000 air compressor 

We have been using this compressor for quite some time and it is the best we have ever used.  We have an install kit available for this that includes an Oasis compressor bracket and a battery mount for an Optima.  More on this compressor soon. 

T-500 Valve


All  brass construction
silencers with a screw on the end
to screw a diaphragm in and out

IFCustom Oasis install kit

AIFshaveddoorhandlekit1.jpg (30038 bytes)

IF shaved door handle kit.

Kit includes: 

  • 4 channel Alarm

  • (2) 45 pound solenoids

  • Relays

  • Door Pushers

  • Connectors

  • Zip ties

  • Miscellaneous Hardware

  • Wiring

  • Call for other options.

Introductory Price: $139.95 plus shipping

Keep the Escalade look on your slammed truck.  

Sectioned Caddy front bumpers.


The highest quality sheetmetal products on the market.

Grant Kustom sheet metal products

IF Clothing

All IF labeled apparel will soon be available online.  Check back in the next couple of months to see what you can get!

 2001 and up Chevy Trans crossmembers.  Set your airbagged Chevy on the frame.  (also great for extra ground clearance on 4/6 drop kits)

 Various 2 link suspension components ready to ship. Call and see what we have for your truck.

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